16 Reasons To Paint Your House Before The New Year

The year is drawing to a close and only a few weeks are left before the New Year is here again with us. As expected, people have already started making preparations for this coming festive season and the New Year. One key aspect of all this preparations is preparing to paint the house before ushering in the New Year. Painting the house all over again generally has several benefits, for instance, it is an extremely fast and inexpensive way to update the visual appearance of the house, significantly boost its curb appeal and maintain its clean, fresh look and ability to keep away damaging elements all through into the New Year. What’s more, painting the house is by far one of the easiest home improvement projects which produce immediate results. In Singapore, there is a long time known tradition for many people to paint their homes before ushering in New Year. With this in mind, regardless of whether you choose to paint your home yourself or better yet in case you choose to hire a painting company to professionally paint it, below are some of the reasons why you should paint your home before the New Year. They include the fact that: -


i. Painting the house before New Year makes the house look new and welcoming: Everyone would like to spend the New Year in a house that is visually appealing especially after the endless wipes and scrubs while cleaning throughout the year. Painting your home will not only make it look new, it will also make it even more welcoming.

ii. Painting the house before New Year will encourage trendiness throughout the New Year: Taking into consideration the fact that a new year is approaching, it is only natural that everyone is interested in following the hottest trend as far as home design is concerned. This being the case, it goes without say that arranging to paint your home before the New Year will allow you to identify and paint your house using the most trendy house paints for the coming year. This will also in turn encourage trendiness throughout the New Year as well.

iii. Painting the house before the New Year will invite positive vibes onto your routine: It is a tradition for most people to paint their home before the New Year because they believe it invites positive vibes into their homes and routine. As such, most home owners prefer bright colors and other prominent colors as they are mainly associated with bring positive vibes into homes.

iv. Painting the house invites prosperity: Just as it is the case with other kinds of decoration options and materials used around the house, painting your home (especially before the New Year) welcomes positive impression to those who live there. What’s more, most people believe that new paint signifies a new beginning. If you feel you did no prosper in the past year then new house paint will help make you progressive and push you to greater heights in the coming year.

v. Painting the house before New Year attracts Good luck: It is believed that by painting the house before New Year ushers in good luck into the home and family. Making the decision to paint your home therefore serves as a guarantee to welcome the New Year with renewed hope since besides simply illuminating the house, the new paint ill also illuminate your life.

vi. Painting the home before New Year helps get rid of any bad vibes from the past year: No matter how tough the past year must have been for you, it is important to stay positive about the coming year and completely forget about the bad vibes from the previous year. Making it a habit to paint your home before ushering in the New Year therefore will help you get rid of all the bad vibes and any other unfortunate incidents which may have caused you grief in the past year. Simply put, painting the house will help you move on with your life and start a new life that is filled with hope and positive energy.

vii. Painting the house before new year helps throw away bad spirits Painting the house before New Year has also been found to help throw away and spirits. This is because the process of painting will help drive out bad spirits from their abode as a result allowing you to make it through the coming year peacefully.

viii. Painting your home before the New Year will save you a significant amount of time: Painting can sometime take longer than expected; such unexpected delays can really inconvenience you especially if you might be preparing to host guests in your home right after the scheduled home make over. To avoid such inconvenience, simply resort to painting your home before the New Year. By doing so, expect peace of mind throughout the year as you continue using and welcoming people into your home.

Painting Home Before New Year

ix. Painting the house before New Year will save you money (lots of it): Regardless of whether you choose to paint your home by yourself or if you resort to hiring a professional painting company to do the painting before the New Year fact remains that you will still be able to save a significant amount of money. This is mainly because during the end of the year, cost of labor is usually significantly discounted pus most house paints are usually on offer.

x. Painting the house before the New Year usually feels good: The period preceding the New Year is usually characteristic of happiness. Getting involved in self improvement activities such as arranging to paint your home will help make you feel even better about yourself.

xi. Painting the house before New Year inspires a new complimentary design for the coming year: New Year, new resolutions, new plans, one of your plans might be getting new furniture or any other latest item for your home. Painting your home before the New Year will therefore in spite and in some cases even influence the choice which you make as far as the interior design of your home is concerned in the coming year.

xii. Painting the house before the new year is easy: Although painting the house has already been mentioned as an easy and inexpensive way to boost the curb appeal of your home, as strange as it may sound, arranging to have the house painted before the New Year will b very easy since during this time you will have plenty of time in your hands. If that I not the case, then you will most definitely be able to easily get help.

xiii. Painting your home before the new year will simplify interior decoration for you the coming year: In case you intend to make interior decoration adjustments in the coming year as part of your new year resolution plan then painting your home before new year will make the whole experience of redecorating the interior of your home throughout the year much easier.

xiv. Painting your home before New Year will increase its value: The best investments are those which require you to put in less and get back more in return. Painting your home before the New Year is one of such investment.

xv. Painting you home before the new year will help prepare you to make repairs in the course of the coming year: In the course of inspecting the house in preparation to have it painted, you will be able to identify areas which need urgent repair in advance hence having enough time to make arrangement for the necessary repair in the coming year.

xvi. Painting your home before the New Year will allow you to properly address all of the external factors stressing the appearance of your home. For instance, you will be able to counter extreme moisture conditions and take measures to curb dramatic fluctuations in temperature likely to affect the new paint job of your home.

Bottom line

in addition to choosing to paint your home before the new year, if you would like to maintain the visual appeal of the new paint then make sure that you only use the top quality 100% acrylic layex paint. Doing so is very important mainly because this paint is design to produce a stain resistant finish which will keep your home looking fresh for a several months to come.

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