5 Creative Colors To Paint Your Home

Singapore has a tropical climate and this country has colors of nature in all its beauty. Top five creative colors to use in Singapore are discussed in the upcoming sections. The weather conditions and climatic conditions are kept in mind before providing suitable colors with suitable hues in the sections given below.

Creative Colors To Paint Your Home

1. Contemporary Grey

Grey is a bold color and has gained popularity in the recent years. Certain shades of grey add that chic style to your house. When grey is used with lighter colored furniture then grey becomes a bold center of attraction. Grey can be used with bright colors such as shiny greens and metallic red to add that extra zing to your room. Although grey color cannot be used in rooms that are small and dark. Grey colors are most suited in villas and condos. Grey color gives a modern, contemporary and sleek look which is perfect for houses that are occupied by youngsters. Light grey brings serenity to the room and a feeling of calmness. Grey color can only work in your room if it is combined with proper furniture, lighting and other supporting colors.

2. Playful Red and Orange

Red and orange colors in softer hues are very attractive and creative colors for painting. Lighter shades of orange and red look especially good in kitchen as they tend to increase the appetite for food. Your kitchen will catch a lot of attention if it is colored orangish yellow and is filled with light. These colors have a summery feeling to them and they look good even in rooms. These colors are creative to use if they are used with darker colored furniture. Since you are using lighter shades of red and orange you must inculcate darker colors to compliment lighter hues. These colors help to maintain a playful and happy mood in your house.

3. Perfect Green

Perfect green is only provided by good painting services. Perfect green is difficult to achieve as it lays somewhere in between. If the green becomes too light then it becomes yellow and if it becomes too dark then it becomes blue. People who provide painting services must be able to paint a perfect green according to your room. Lighter green brings coziness and a cheery atmosphere in the room. Light green paired with indoor plants look and feel great. Darker shades of green look perfect with natural colored cabinetry. You can easily combine dark green with an earthy brown. Blue green shades also go well in your rooms. They are soothing colors and can be used creatively to add that calming effect in your house.

4. Earth contemporary colors

Earthy colors such as brown, green, blue, orange, tans and crimson if used in correct places and combination look really creative. These colors give you a feeling of warmth and are inviting colors for your dining and living rooms. Earthy colors compliment wood work and are great for office painting as most wood work is done in office. These colors also go well with metal and glass and look very creative and contemporary.

5. Brown

Many shades of brown can be creatively used to give a modern and brighter look to your room. Colors like coffee and espresso go really well with forest green. These colors look great in offices and work places. They have a soothing effect on your mind. Brown can be used creatively by combining it with lighter shades such pink, beige and orange. Espresso color is a wonderfully warm color for smaller rooms. Playing with the color palette of brown can definitely create visually exciting colors while decorating your house or office.

These colors are some of the most creative colors that you can use to paint your house. These colors are used to enhance the beauty of houses ranging from small and big. These colors are suggested keeping in mind the modern and contemporary life style of people.
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