6 Smart Painting Ideas For Office

If you reside in Singapore and want to make an effective change in your office space, then the simplest thing you can do is decorate the work area with a new coat of paint. It is important to remember that choosing the correct colors and decorations can influence the appeal of your business. Here is a list of six smart painting ideas that you can refer to while painting your office spaces.


1. Hiring a color consultant

The very first step you have to take before deciding to give a new face to your business space is to hire a color consultant. A professional color specialist will offer you remarkable results while saving you time, money, and effort. He is well-informed about a variety of paint products on the marketplace and can propose the right ones for your venture. One of the advantages of hiring a color professional is that he will give an entirely new look to your already existing fixtures and accessories.

A proper color combination is essential in giving a novel face to the office space. A color consultant takes into consideration all other embellishments in the room like its walls, ceiling, wall frames and other architectural aspects and then decide on the color combinations that will augment the ambience of the work place. You can even consult him for grand ideas to decorate any space.

2. Choose non toxic paints

The brand and quality of the paint that you are going to make use of is very important. It is imperative to use high quality, non toxic paint as we spend a good part of our day within the office space. Paints and the products associated with it emit low level toxic particles into the atmosphere after application and wouldn’t want to fall victim to the toxic emissions certain paints come with.

The cause of these toxins is a mixture of volatile organic compounds which, until lately, were vital for the perfect finish of the paint. Contemporary environmental policies and consumer requirements have led to the manufacture of paint products with low and even zero volatile organic compounds. A good number of paint manufacturers now produce a range of non volatile organic compounds kind of paint. These new paints are long-lasting, reasonable and less toxic to human and ecological wellbeing. Selecting products that do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds is crucial in avoiding any future health hazards.


3. Use of bold colors

Bold colors like dark chocolate befit those people who are goal-oriented, honest and outspoken. It might be the best color option for you to run your business successfully. It is widely observed that your temper, amount of productivity and work performance are influenced by the color of your office walls to a large extent. In other words, the color one selects for the office wall affects the mood of its employees. Thus it will have a direct influence on the productivity of the staff.

It is important to furnish an office with a paint that energizes and inspires the staff. This step is sure to enhance better outputs. You can make use of classy linear artifacts to generate the ideal focal point to improve the look of the office room. Pairing this with a perfect sharp desk will do the job better.

4. Try neutral colors

A Crisp white wall adds to the professional ambience of a contemporary office area. Filling the white wall with inspirational photographs and works of art can add a piece of creativity to the space. These can be replaced often with new embellishments depending on your resourcefulness. A white workspace gives no space for distractions. An out of the ordinary lantern and desk will help to prevent a monotonous setup and put in life to an otherwise bare space.

When neutral walls are combined with wood furnishings, it will elevate the look of the work area. Adding long drapes that open up to natural light will be a perfect thought. If you wish to make this space even trendier, then consider the option of placing a compilation of black and white photographs in classy black frames.

5. Try sky blue to combat stress

For those of you who find it hard to cope up with work and kids, light colors like sky blue would be the best. Painting your office space with this peaceful color would help you to reduce your stress level. Painting your office wall with this color would be quite an intricate affair as a little flaw will spoil the whole concept.

Only the right painting company can aid you to put all your ideas into proper practice. As you will be visited by multiple clients in your office space, it is imperative that you keep your office wall and decorations in the most perfect and professional way. Adding white streaks with natural decorations would transcend the space to an entirely new and sophisticated one.


6. Combination of different color schemes

It is great to use a combination of different exterior colors to give a good dimension to the work space. For instance, a Moroccan-style room takes ambience to the next height when you combine it with a profound shade of maroon and a decorative carpet. The look of pink walls mixed with intricate colors, based on the advice of a color consultant, will make the office space look appealing and spacious.

Painting the front door with dark oil based enamel will add to the great look of the work area. Consider placing a pastel backdrop as it will be the perfect place for artistic expression. Adding a foundation color would be a perfect painting idea as it helps to bring all the creative power together.


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Infographic- How to choose the right painting color for your home and office


Home and office painting infographic
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