Can I Paint My Condo On Weekend?

Painting your condo unit can be a real hassle when you are busy with other activities. Especially if you are living in a fast paced environment like Singapore, you can rarely find the time to do a multi-layered task like painting your own place. Condo painting can be a difficult thing to pull off especially if you are alone and there is no one assisting you. But there are a lot of companies in Singapore that can help you paint your condo for a decent price, and before you know it, your place looks good as new. 


Can I Paint My Condo On Weekend?


Condominiums are a form of property where a part of the estate is singularly acquired. Usually, they are paid through installments or if you are rich enough, you can pay for the place in one go. The exterior areas are under the management of an association of home owners and they take care of the different types of maintenance needed for the place. So if you are planning to do some painting job on your condo, make sure you give the necessary heads up to the right people. Otherwise the landlord could suddenly make an appearance and disapprove your current home improvement project. 


In Singapore, over eighty percent of the population relies on government housing. This is due to the fact that the “Lion City” is densely populated and the land area is like gold. If you own an actual house in this country, then you must be really rich people who can afford it. It’s common knowledge that millionaires usually live in condos that are the next best thing to owning your own dream house. In this city state, there are no restrictions when it comes to buying property whether you are a local resident or a foreigner. But you should always check the rules and regulations regarding your condo before undertaking certain renovation projects like painting your unit. 

The answer to the question “Can I paint my condo on weekend?” would be no you can not. It could only be done if you are willing to sacrifice the necessary long hours for two days straight. Here are some tips when doing some condo painting on your own:


· Check first the paint you are going to use
Make sure that the paint you bought from the hardware store does not contain any lead. This is important because lead can damage the walls of your condo. 


· Do some prepping on the walls you are going to paint
Check cracks and fissures and cover them up with spackle. Make sure it is fully dried before you start painting.


· Hide the sockets and switches
See where the sockets and switches are located and decide if covering them up with paint will actually look good overall.


· Get the best quality paint
There are different types of paint out there in the market these days. They vary on prices and quality, and it’s usually the pricier ones that are the best options when you’re doing a little paint job in your condo. 


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