How Often to Paint the Interior Of Your Home?


How Often to Paint the Interior Of Your Home?

Well, there is no define answer for this question, it all depends on the condition of the interior. If maintain well, painting the interior only when it is required will save the cost. You can also reduce the frequency of repainting by cleaning your walls regularly to make it clean. Paints do not fail easily, despite getting dirty, worn away and dinged up on areas. If you take good care of your walls, you may only want to change the colours before the room really requires painting.

If you have choose a perfect colour palette that you never tire of, maybe a touch-up will help to enhance the premises appeal. As for updates, you may add new accessories or rearranging your existing ones to keep your space fresh. Sometimes simply rearranging your furniture makes your place feel new! The proper application of paint on walls, furniture or floors can change the look of a room at lower cost. By selecting the right paint and proper product, using professional-style techniques will provide you with your desired premises.

From the expert point of view, the paint on the wall can last from 5 to 7 years and if it is professionally painted, it can last 10 years. Isn't that amazing?
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These are a few reasons why people paint their interior:
1. Moving to a New House – When people have a new environment, they will tend to paint their house.
2. Moving to a Second Hand House – Sometimes when you rent a place especially a whole place, you will need to refurbish the place so it will be more comfortable to stay in and feels more at home.
3. Just Got Married – Some couples married and may stay with their parents, they might have to paint the old bedroom to welcome the new start of life together
4. Make Over – Having stayed in the house for many years, some families will do a complete revamp e.g. discarding old and spoilt furniture and they may do a makeover with a new lease of paint.
5. Renovation – After purchasing a new home that had a previous owner, renovation are carried out with the hacking of walls, floor, window grills, and cabinets. It will be a definite painting of the interior.
6. Renting Out – The owner of the house will need to give the interior a new coat of paint to lease it out as nobody will want to stay in a bad furbished and dirty interior.
7. House Vacant for a long time – Some owners whom had left the country and kept the house vacant may need to repaint the house as accumulated dust and dirt may not be easy to wash away compared to a new coat of paint.
In conclusion, how often we need to paint the interior will depend on the above pointers and your own assessment.

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