How Often Should We Paint The Exterior Of Landed Property

Exterior painting is common among those who own landed property. The frequency at which the landed property needs to be painted depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

Paint Landed Property

1. Weather
Exterior paint is exposed to the vagaries of weather meaning that the frequency of painting will to a large degree depend on the prevailing weather conditions. Singapore being a tropical Island experiences rains and sunlight throughout the year. These harsh rays of the sun fades the exterior paint and this together with the frequent rains makes it important to add a fresh coat of once in a while. In areas close the sea where the air is humid with salty water, landed property require more frequent painting. This is because the salty humid air corrodes the paint meaning that the environment is much harsh as compared to other areas.

2. Type of paint

The type of paint used matters especially where exterior painting is concerned. The safest bet you have is to use quality paint that has been formulated specifically for exterior use. Even in this category, you will most likely encounter different types of paint from different manufacturers. Getting the best quality that is within your budget. It is however good to remember that with exterior paint just like with all other products quality products prices are slightly higher but the overall cost in the long run is much lower.

3. Number of coats applied

As exterior paint is exposed to harsh climatic conditions, three to four coats of painting should be considered especially where bright colors are involved. This is because a single coat will show signs of wear faster that two or more coats. The decision on the number of cats solely lies on the property owner though most professionals would advise more coats for durability.

Paint Landed Property

4. Color

Bright colors fade faster than dark colors and this is especially true where external paint is concerned. Bright colored exterior will therefore need to be painted more often that dark colored ones. Property owners who do not want to spend a lot of money on exterior painting should choose darker colors. This does not however mean that they should limit themselves to unappealing boring colors. There are many colors that are not as bright but are just as appealing as the bright colors.

5. Workmanship

It is one thing to get quality paint and it's yet another thing to get quality painting work done. Workmanship is very important especially when you consider the cost of exterior paint. Getting competent people who are good at what they do is the only way you can be guaranteed of quality services. Enlist the services of a reliable painting company that is known to provide nothing but the best services and you will guaranteed of quality work that will still look good even after a few years.

In some situations, professionals offer up to five years guarantee where exterior painting is concerned. This is in addition to providing quality services within the time you want the work done, offering advise where necessary and generally making the entire process stress free. The three points discussed above will often be used to guide the frequency at which exterior paint should be applied. Some situations may arise where repainting can be done much earlier than planned for example where a house is on sale.

Painting the exterior of a house will increase the resale value of a house. This is because a fresh coat of paint always gives a house a brand new look no matter how old the house might be. Painting, especially when done well will greatly improve the appearance of the house making it more attractive to buyers which means that the seller can dictate the price as opposed to being at the mercy of the buyers. How often exterior painting is done is not cast on stone and will differ depending on the situation. Property owners need to access the state of their landed property and apply exterior painting whenever the walls start looking old and untidy. The reason for painting the exterior is to enhance the appearance of the house meaning that repainting should be considered whenever the exterior stops being attractive to the person who owns the landed property.

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