Mistakes People Make When Painting Exterior

Getting a new look for your house does not only make things beautiful again, but also gives your life a whole new perspective. A freshly painted house lifts the total mood of the inhabitants and fills their life with positive energy. Some of us give contracts for painting to professionals whereas some other prefer doing it all by themselves. We would recommend in getting the paint job done by you. This will engage all your family members and apart from getting the paint job done, you will also have a chance to spend some quality family time.

But if you are thinking that the whole process of painting the exterior of your house is easy, then you are certainly mistaken. You need to keep some particular considerations in your mind while painting it, especially in countries like Singapore; otherwise the whole paint job may go horribly wrong. Here, in this article, we have tried to provide you with a list of the mistakes people often make when painting exterior. Please have a look at the list before starting the job.


Using a very light colour:

If you are going to painting exterior, then you will need to paint it with stronger colors. Sunlight makes any exterior painting a lot lighter. So, if you already paint your exterior with light paints, with time, the color will wear out more easily. Apart from the sunlight, rain will also hamper the longevity and the brightness of the painting. So, it is better to go for a darker or heavier shade in case you are painting exterior.

Having too many colours:

If you are planning to paint your exterior with more than three colors, then you are making a wrong decision. As a popular belief, the roof, fascia and the gutter should be painted with the similar colors. The downpipes of your house shall never be painted in a color that highlights the main exterior color. You should also complement the color of your house with the existing materials like the porch tiles, pathways, window awnings and roof.


Getting a paint which does not suit the building style:

This is another most important point to keep in mind while painting exterior. Always take in consideration the exact architectural style that your house was built upon. There are certain colors and colouring styles which go with certain building types. If you make a mistake here, your house may end up being a laughing stock for your neighbours as well as your high class friends and families. Without the right combination of colours, your house will look blunt and would lose the usual charisma of it, affecting the general mood of all the inhabitants of your house.

Getting cheap paints:

If you are going for painting exterior in Singapore, then you would definitely want your house to look beautiful. For that you would want the best looking and feeling paint for your house. But you should also keep in mind the fact that a good paint job shall not only make your house look beautiful, but also prevent wear and tear. The quality painting will also prevent the harmful UV rays from direct sunlight from penetrating the outer surface of your sweet home. Good paint will also provide long-term defense against any kind of peeling and cracking. It will also toughen the outer surface so that the surface may stay cleaner for a longer time. So, you should definitely avoid any paint which will not provide you all these. It would be advisable to consult a colour expert in Singapore and get to know everything about the paint that you are going to buy before starting painting exterior of your house.
Ignoring the surroundings of the house:

Always try to use the surroundings of your house as props and colour the exterior accordingly. Like, if your house is surrounded by lush greeneries, don’t paint your house in aggressive colours. Try to use your fencing, streets cape and garden as motivation for your colouring palette. Also, consider the exterior painting of your neighbouring houses and flats so that your building does not look like an outcast. A blending colour will keep your neighbourhood close and happy together.

Painting Exterior

Not inspecting the surface to paint on:

Before starting painting, always make sure that you inspect the surface properly. Choose the paint that is most perfectly suited for the surface. After that you will need to clean the surface. Get rid of any dirt, or traces of previous paint. The existence of any foreign particle can and will harm your painting over it. Use knives and chisels to take out any impurity or to even the surface.

Getting low quality apparatus:

Most of us like to save money while getting the painting apparatus. The cost saving includes getting low quality brushes or rollers. Now, you may think that they are saving money for you, but in the long run, these cheap apparatus will make you pay more. The cheap rollers have low surface area and soak more paint than they can paint. Cheap quality brushes too get damaged after a single use. But if you get top quality apparatus, these products will last longer and will save you money by using least amount of paint to cover more surface area.

Going without any primer:

After getting the surface cleaned perfectly, you will need to put a coating of primer on it. Primer evens out the surface for you and covers any previous traces of paint. This also covers up any dents and irregularities in the surface and prepares for you a plain and smooth surface. If the surface of the wall was previously polished, then you might not need to put the primer on. But for cases where your exterior wall is made of brick, putting the primer is very much essential.

So, overall, these eight essential points will save your house from getting a bad exterior paint job. Take care of the paint and the apparatus and don’t let the paint stay open for longer hours. When you take the paint job, try to do it with one go and also make sure that you put more than just a single coating of paint on the walls of your house. We hope this article will satisfy all your needs regarding painting exterior in Singapore.

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Infographic- How to choose the right painting color for your home and office


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