Top 6 Colors To Consider For Painting Your HDB

The appearance of our home is dependent on a host of factors. One of these factors comes in the form of the paint we use. The color of paint used in a room can often become its personality and highlight the type of people that live in the home. Paint is often what turns a house into a 'home'. Thus, finding the right type of color is essential in order to get the right feel and look. This article will focus on the top six colors to consider prior to painting your HDB.

Top 6 Colors to Paint Your Home

Cathedral Gray

There are times when gray can be considered a 'boring' and 'casual' choice that feels too much like one's office space. This is an acceptable opinion to hold, but that is before one gets to see cathedral gray in action. This is a type of gray that has been newly added to the favourite paint colors in households. It is a vibrant gray that looks to honor its space in the room and add exuberance to the home décor surrounding it. Cathedral gray's best feature is its ability to sink into any room without causing too much chaos. Paint is important, but it should not be the only thing that pops out when a guest looks at your home.

Forsythia Blossom

Some rooms are meant to have the feeling of 'spring' all year around. You want the Singaporean sunlight to bounce off the walls of the room as the curtains are put aside. This is possible with Forsythia Blossom, a vibrant yellow that is made to sparkle in the room it adorns. As suggested, painting colors can often be the personality of the room, forsythia blossom gives off a 'happy' feeling that no other color can.

Grape Hyacinth

This idea of 'personal space' has been a concept that is casually starting to make way into the home. Certain rooms are more personal in nature and people want to show this by painting the walls with comparable colors. One of these colors is grape hyacinth, which goes along with the feeling purple gives to homeowners. This color is subtle enough to fit into any room, but it gives this allure of personality that has never been seen before. It is a modernistic craving among home décor experts.

Clear Blue

Every room deserves a spurt of freshness and flair. Clear blue is one of the best colors to emit this type of feeling on a constant basis. Clear blue when first splashed onto the walls will provide a feeling of happiness and brightness. It can be representative of one's home and the personality of the people living within its walls. The best part about this color is that is continuously lively and creates a feeling of openness.

Cedar Green

This is a color that looks to compliment one's open nature and feeling towards being one with the outdoors. Certain individuals do not want to be caved in with the monotonous tones that certain painting colors can emit. Thus, cedar green is an option that provides that 'outdoorsy' feel that most individuals can crave from time to time. It is a modernistic revolution among paint colors as most people look to move away from the regular painting color options.

Maple Glaze

The final choice among painting colors is maple glaze as it gives that touch of elegance. Brown and its different shades will always be in fashion because it goes well with all types of home décor. The room can 'pop' because of a lovely shade of elegant brown and this comes in the form of maple glaze. This paint color is not only down to earth; it holds a certain level of sophistication that cannot be seen in other choices.
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