What Are The Best Kept Secrets On Painting HDB

Painting your HDB apartment seems like a daunting task, and a costly one at that. This is however only true if you do not know how to go about it. Most people feel trapped in an apartment that has a very unpleasant painting job for fear of worsening it or being unable to pull off a good painting job on their walls. In this case, the first step may not get you too far unless you know some of the best-kept secrets on painting a HDB apartments.

Painting HDB

The main factors of significance that you must consider include:

•The budget
•The schedule
•The quality of the paint
•The role of professionals
•Your personality

Make a practical and comprehensive budget

Before you even consider the painting job, you must be aware of the relative costs that you will incur. This means you must be able to go out into the market and establish the current price of paints and painting services among other equipment that you might need. You may also need to save up some money for the project if you feel like you cannot raise enough at the moment. The thing about a paint job is that it is like remodelling, you will only get to enjoy the outcome if you finish it up. An incomplete painting job is just as bad as an unpainted wall. Make a good and practical budget that you can fund, and try to stick to it. This will protect you from an unfinished job due to lack of funding. Having all the money that you need beforehand will also limit your stress during the painting job.

Make a realistic schedule

Painting looks like a very simple, straightforward exercise that is likely to be underestimated. Most people imagine that they can have their apartments repainted within a day or two. If you are one of these people, you may want to reconsider your position. Painting takes a lot of time since the walls need cleaning, and the painting requires application in coats or layers. This often takes some time depending on the type or brand of paint that you are using. Be careful to ask about how long it will take for the painting to be complete and dry when buying it. A realistic schedule will save you from the disappointment of waiting too long when you had expected it to be complete within a couple of days.

Painting HDB

Good quality paint

No matter how good a deal may sound, if it compromises on the quality of the product then it is not a good deal. Most people are taking up some seemingly good deals where they buy paint at a reduced price. This may be a lucky streak for you but do not be too quick to accept it. Paint is a fundamental part of your home and thus you must be able to look upon it with pride and satisfaction. If you buy cheap paint that is of such poor quality, your apartment will need a refreshing coat much sooner than if you buy good quality paint. Poor quality paint also has dull colors and very unpleasant shades. They oxidize and discolor much faster than the better paints that are expectedly of a higher cost. So when you go shopping for paint, ask around and find out which brand has the best in terms of quality, color and durability. The last thing you need is to spend your time and money on a coat of paint that will make your home hideous after a few months. Also, make sure that you settle for paint brands that are non-toxic as you do not want a hazard in your home.

Speak to an expert

Professionals are always important when you intend to take on an endeavor like this one. First, you need to speak to an interior decorator who will guide you on your options with respect to the colors. This often means discussing hues and shades that you can play around with to make your home warm and cosy. Interior designers are especially helpful if you know what you want, or if you are having doubts on the actualization of your dreams. At this point, you must appreciate the significance of painting your apartment and thus the colors you choose must be the right ones. The other professional that you must consider is the painter. Painters know better when it comes to the best type of paint to use, the best color combination to pick if you desire a particular finish, the kind of material to buy or where to lease them from, and even the details regarding how long which type of paint takes to dry out. The idea of engaging a painting expert, even if you intend to do most of the work for yourself, is so as to get an objective insight into the task you are embarking on. You need to trust in the keen eye of a professional painter to offer you sound advice regarding your intended painting exercise.

What do you want?

After consulting with the experts in this field, you should have a clear picture of what you want your apartment to look like after the painting. This means that you will have a realistic dream that is ready for the actualization phase. Before starting on the job however, you need to be sure that the vision you have and if it’s what you really want. The best painting jobs are often as a result of a satisfying vision in the homeowner’s mind. If you do not like what you see in your mind, it is best for you to speak to the experts again and explain to them you grievances. The point of making a plan before staring out is to give you the satisfaction of creating the apartment that you want. Unless you are sure that you have it in your mind, it is best to keep looking for the colors and hues until you get them, or you settle for a better one.

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