What Type Of Paint Should I Use For The Different Areas?

Curious what kind of paint should I use for the different type of places?? Before you decide to give your home fresh coats of painting, you need to know the types of paint to be used for exterior interior as the conditions affecting both can be quite different. Besides, the various needs for each of the rooms will also determine the paint types and colours to be selected.

The exterior walls are subject to harsh weather conditions like strong sunlight, heavy rain, strong wind, high humidity, dust and grit. Cracks will develop over time, resulting in paints peeling off or walls getting decolourised. If left untreated, more severe problems like water leakage and damage caused by insects can happen. You will then have to do regular painting to protect your walls as well as preserving the look of your house.

For the exterior, proper surface preparation, like caulking and priming, is an essential first step. To do this, you have to chip off all peeling paints and seal up all cracks, followed by a layer of white-coloured primer or sealant as the base coat. This will enable the final coat of colour paint to better adhere to the walls. The ability to resist the forces of nature depends very much on the quality of the paints used. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use top quality finish that have additional agents to withstand factors such as weather, fungi and mildew. The paint acts as a protective barrier to the formations of cracks and algae, thus preventing water seepage and damage. The newer types can provide extra UV protection to the interior, making it cooler and safer from harmful UV rays.

Formulated to endure harsh conditions, exterior paints are generally oil-based (or Alklyd) paints. The flip side is their longer dry time, stronger odour and a higher Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content. They also require the use of turpentine, thinner or other solvents for cleaning up the tools and brushes.

Different paint types

For the interior, you may opt for the more user-friendly and environmentally friendly water-based paints (also known as acrylic or latex paints). Working on water-based paints makes the paint task less of a hassle, since it is now easier to clean off any paint drips, including the paint brushes, rollers and trays, with just soap and water. They dry quickly, have a low amount of VOC and superior washability, which make them the obvious choice for toddlers’ play rooms and work rooms. High humidity areas like bathrooms should be painted with paints that have agents to fight mildew and are easily washable. Dripless paints, known for their thickness, are good for ceilings.

You also have a choice for different levels of sheen and finishes, such as a smooth matt finish, textured finish, or a glossy finish, depending on the types of surfaces to be painted. Generally, the walls of the interior rooms are given a smooth matt finish and are of lower sheen. This gives the rooms an airy feel and a subtle gloss. You may elect to paint certain pieces of walls, usually those meant as accent walls, in a darker shade or in a different texture, to create visual impact. For instance, Glossy paints, which are more durable, are commonly used on doors, banisters and railings made of wood or metal.

With more advanced paint formulae making their appearance in the market, you can bid farewell to the toxic, unpleasant-smelling and hard-to-remove paints of yester years. As far as possible, always go for premium paints of higher quality, as they are more effective at prolonging the paint integrity and colours. The need to repaint every few years is reduced, thereby giving you a better return on your investment. Paints are not only protective films but have additional decorative capabilities.
 Nothing can freshen up the look of your home quite like a new paint job that is well done.
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