6 Important Condo Painting Tips

Many people in Singapore prefer buying or renting a condo unit in the city. This is because it is more convenient to live in an apartment house since it is close to all the essentials for city survival. Nevertheless, if you are planning to move into a pre-owned apartment house the paint of the wall may not blend with your furniture. You can be true to your taste by having it repainted to the colours of your choice. The below tips may help your achieve the best paint colours for your new apartment house.

6 Important Condo Painting Tips

1. Apply the 60-30-10 colour rule

There is a rule that interior designers apply known as 60-3-10 for using colour to enhance a room. This rule simply implies that 60% of the colour ought to come from painting on the ceilings and walls, 30% should come from the furniture and 10% from the pieces and accessories that you put in the room. All these components should accompany each other but most importantly note where most of the colour should come from.

2. Acquire more knowledge on painting techniques

Why not choose to paint your condo by yourself. It is not only fun but since it is your condo and you know yourself better, you can do it to perfection. Seek more knowledge on condo painting techniques to obtain the best results. Some of the techniques include how to hide flaws like dents on walls or uneven dry wall. The natural light has tendency of highlighting flaws therefore, you will need to select the appropriate colours and apply the right painting techniques to conceal those imperfections. However, if you feel you cannot trust your judgment, you can hire a professional painter to decorate your condo unit for you.

3. Use bright colours to expand space
Interior decorators usually know how to extend the small space available in the condo unit by choosing the right colours for successful condo painting. Neutral colours that are bright such as white, pale taupe and cream are ideal for bringing into existence an illusion of space unlike darker colours, which tend to make rooms tight and cramped.

6 Important Condo Painting Tips

4. Apply darker shades for light coloured furniture

Bold and darker colours can work wonders for a big condo unit, which does not need reflection of light. Deep, rich colours greatly complement neutral or light coloured furnishings. If you are not sure if you will pull dark colours you can attempt by painting one room in your condo with a bold shade and live with it for a couple of days. If you don’t feel the colour, you can repaint it to another shade.

5. Choose a colour theme

Colour plays many different roles in decorating. It can make a room appear cosy and homely or airy and light. Therefore when choosing which colours to paint your apartment house it is important your keep in mind the theme and its purpose. Let colour value direct you. Darker shades or lighter colours go well if mixed together and they can be blended together to give the perfect theme. For instance, you can mix light yellow with a light green.

6. Be true to your own taste

This is not the time to peruse magazines seeking which colour to paint your home. Remember that you will be living in the space for as long as you will possible can. Therefore, make sure that the wall paint is something that will please you as well as make your home comfortable. Choose colours that define. You can look at your wardrobe to find out which colours appeal the most to you.

Your personal belongings can help you figure out which colours you are most drawn to. The idea is to play with your favourite colours to give a stylish new apartment house. You can also use the design style of the artists you enjoy and discover what it is about their homes that leave you with a comfy feeling. Examine the colours the artist applies and how it is applied. The colours to paint the rooms in your apartment are right with you. You only need to look deeper.Painting the condo with your favourite colours will not only freshen it up but also give it a brand new fresh feel making your apartment house a haven.
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