6 Worst Mistakes People Make In Painting Their Homes

Painting your home is always one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your home. However, when doing the painting work people make a lot of mistakes and because of those mistakes people end up having bad look in their home because of their painting. If you want to know more about these mistakes then following are 6 worst mistakes people make in painting their homes.

Painting Their Homes

1.Not cleaning the wall:

Many people just want to have new colors on the walls of their home and that’s why they start the painting work without cleaning the wall. Here, you have to understand this simple fact that if you will do the painting on dirty walls, then instead of getting good look with it, you will get only adverse effect with it. When you will apply the primer or paint on dirt wall, then you may have so many blisters on the wall after painting and your home will not look good in that condition. Also, it can create some other problems as well after few days of painting. To avoid this compilation you just need to clean or wash the wall before applying the primer or paint on it.

2.Not checking the humidity of wall:

Singapore is a humid place and you can have the humidity in the walls of your home as well .If you will do the painting when wall has high humidity level, then it will take more time for drying of the wall. Other than this, it might cause blistering strips and other complication on the paint and instead of getting positive result from your painting you will get a ugly looking home. In market you can easily get some good quality devices that can check the humidity on the walls of your home and then you can do the painting to get the optimum result with the paint job.

3.Not using primer before painting:

Many people do the painting in their home because of various reasons and they end up having no benefit with it. Some make this opinion that they can save money by not using the primer, but that is not true at all. In this situation you will need to use more paint for painting your home and it you will not get the best look as well. Also, you might need to apply more quote of the paint, and that will make it costly or you. Similar to this few people assume applying primer before painting is a waste of time, but that is not true either. With proper primer you can easily do the painting of your home in easy manner and paint can also stick with your walls in much better manner.

4.Not covering the valuables:

When people do the painting of their home, then they forget to cover the valuables in their home and they rerate it latter. Ideally you should remove all the valuables such as furniture, electronic material and other stuff to some other room in your home before starting the paining work. But sometime you find it impossible to move the stuff in other room and in that condition people leave those things as it is to regret later. In this kind of situation if you cannot move the stuff to other room, then they should cover all those things with plastic sheets. In addition to this it is also suggested that you cover the flooring with plastic sheets and papers to avoid the dirty spots on your carpet or other valuables. Also, you should do the same for your doors as well if you are not planning to paint it after painting the walls of your home.

Painting Their Homes

5.Not having proper painting tools:

Painting is a job that needs special and precise tools to finish the job and if you do not have proper tools, then you cannot finish the work in a proper manner. Also, you need to reach to some hard to reach areas in your home such as ceiling and other similar areas. That means you will need a stable ladder for that.

Also, while painting you needs to use glasses, special dress, gloves, and similar other things to avoid any complications while painting your home. In addition to this, you need to use special rollers, brush and other tools for the painting each and every corner of the home in an expert manner. However, many people do not use all the tools, material and preventive measures while painting their home and they get so many complications with it. So, if you have no desire to have these problems while painting your home, then make sure you use all the necessary tools for same.

6.Not following proper painting techniques:

You can use all the tips and trick to avoid mistakes, but if you do not know the right ways to apply the paint on the walls, on ceiling and other parts of the home. Here, I cannot teach you all those techniques in short space, but I would recommend you to learn the basic painting techniques to avoid any mistake from this work. Also, when you paint the corners or ceiling then make sure you do not paint excessively on the corners of the walls or the ceiling. If you will make this mistake then it will surely make your home look dirty and you might need to repaint your home because of this one mistake.

In addition to these mistakes, many people also choose poor quality paint to reduce the painting cost and they get poor result with it. So, if you want to reduce the price then you can do the price comparison but to have the best result with your painting, I would strongly recommend that you get only the best quality paint and primer for same. And if you feel anything is confusing here or if you think you are cannot avoid these mistakes then I would suggest you to contact a reputed painter for the same.
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