7 Reasons To Avoid Hiring Freelance Painter

Freelance and part time painters are usually painters who are getting started and looking for painting jobs since they have been unable to secure employment. They are usually people who have recently started painting and they do not have the necessary experience. There are some who are very skilled at painting but they make up only a small proportion of this population and therefore they should not mislead you. Freelance painters because of their lack of experience may lead to horrendous results. They may make mistakes that will require a lot of money to correct. You will also find that in most cases you will not be pleased with the work that they will have done in painting your home or house.

7 Reasons To Avoid Hiring Freelance Painter

1. They are very expensive
Freelance painters tend to be more expensive than their counterparts who work full time and have offices. This is because the part time painters do not get to enjoy the economies of scale that are enjoyed by other painters. They will charge you for everything and you will not make any savings by utilizing them. Initially they may ask for a small amount of money which may make them look like the cheaper alternative. But when you sum up all the money that you will spend eventually then you will realize that you are better off avoiding freelance and part time painters.

2. Quality will be compromised
Freelance painters do not find as many jobs as their counterparts and when they get their hands on a job they have to ensure that they make as much money out of it as possible. This means that if they are the ones buying the paint they will buy the cheapest paint available and they will not even bother to check the quality of the paint. They may end up buying paint that will have harmful effects on your health and that of your family.

3. The lack of trust
It is very difficult for one to trust the freelance and part time painters. You do not know them really well and you are afraid that they may disappear with your money or steal some items from your home. If you hire a freelance painter you may be forced to stay at home or at your office till they finish the task at hand. This may inconvenience you a lot since there are other activities that require your attention. But since you do not want to risk coming home and finding that all your appliances and valuables have been stolen you will stay with the painter.The freelance painter may also eye you with suspicion because they probably have also been a victim of fraud. He may ask for down payments before he starts the job and this may lead to a stalemate because nobody trusts the other. The job which may have taken a short time may now end up taking ages to be completed.

4. They lack credibility
Freelance painters will just come up and claim that they have certain skills and they can paint your house or office in a certain way and it will take how much time. In most cases these painters are usually lying but you will have a really hard time proving whether they are telling the truth or they are simply lying.

5. You cannot seek legal redress
If they worked for a firm it would be very simple to confirm with the firm if what they are telling is the truth. The firm will show you their previous works and it will also give you options if you want your house painted in a certain way. When a firm backs a painter as being good in his work and that he is experienced then you do not have to worry because if they lied you can easily seek legal redress and be compensated.

6. You may be duped
They will buy the cheapest and lowest quality paint brushes available so long as they can paint. In some extreme circumstances they will make plans with the paint sellers and overcharge you so that they may share the proceeds later. At the end of it all your house will look horrible and it will already be too late since the damage will have been done. For good quality painting never hire freelance or part time painters.

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