What Is The Best Colour To Paint Your HDB In 2015?

Planning to have your HDB repainted in 2015? In general, deciding on the right colour for HDBs can be a daunting process due to the wide range of options available on the market. One has to choose what really works well with their home décor, and at the same time find the shade that best creates the desired mood in each and every room. Further, you have to factor in cost and durability among others. Thankfully, selecting the right colour is not something entirely impossible. Here are a few options you may consider to paint your HBD.

What Is The Best Colour To Paint Your HDB In 2015?

1. White

White is considered a safety colour for the reason that it can blend with different kinds of furniture and home accessories with ease. Additionally, it has a unique brightening effect and can make your rooms look both wider and open. The same effect can boost your chances of winning buyers, in case you decide to sell the flat.

2. Beige

While HDB flats are generally low cost housing, it does not mean that they cannot be classy. Neutral colours like beige are known to add a touch of elegance particularly when blended in different tones and textures. Beige can be used in different rooms and then punctuated with some bold colours. You can even consider combining it with other neutral colours (it’s also looks quite great). Additionally, you can use distinct beige shades for different areas of your home. One of the key advantages of this neutral colour is that it’s very versatile and can be an excellent option for those that want a stunning backdrop for art.

3. Sunny Yellow

Another top colour for HBD in 2015 is sunny yellow which is typically a great option for owners who want to add some energy to their rooms. It creates passion and brings light into spaces, in turn making you feel like you’re out enjoying the sunshine although you’re indoors. While it can be used in other rooms, sunny yellow works really well for the kitchen. This room is considered the most important and most active area of the house, and many people want its walls to not only be stimulating and bright but also cheerful. This colour will help you achieve just that.

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4. Dark Brown

Do you prefer a colour that easily complements the majority of the finishes as well as furniture designs in the flat? If yes, then you may consider dark brown .This dramatic colour forms a great backdrop for highlighting mismatched furniture pieces and can make a room stand out. It works quite well in living rooms and can be combined with some elements that reflect light in order to add some style & glamour to your room.

5. Pale Green

Pale green is available on the market in an array of variations including sage, pastel, mint and sea foam. Typically a light shade of green, the colour is often associated with traditional settings but can work well for contemporary homes too. Pale green can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. It helps create a cool, relaxing atmosphere and also brings some sense of nature into the room. One of its key advantages is that it does not saturate rooms, which can in turn allow you to showcase other items. For those that have vintage furniture, pale green can be a great option to use as the backdrop.

6. Black

Many people tend to overlook black when choosing colours to use to paint their homes for the reason that it can be quite overwhelming. However, believe it or not, black is among the most elegant as well as versatile colours available. You can use it in the bedroom, the living room and so on. Further, it can be easily combined with most other colours such as white to obtain contrast. Black can even give you a unique, sophisticated look if made in an egg-shell finish.

7. Other best colours for HDB in 2015

Using touches of warm colours such as orange and red can make a room very bright & welcoming. They create feelings of nurture as well as happiness, making your home more cosy and relaxing. You can have vertical lines made in order to create an imaginary extension of your ceiling. Cool colours like blue and grey will also give your home that elegant look, and are known to match well with both male and female occupants. They also have a cooling effect.
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