What Is The Best Paint To Paint The Exterior Of A House?

Throughout human history, painting has been one of the oldest methods of beautifying a given art and structure. Nowadays, the same is still happening, and many people are considering paints as the most outstanding feature for restoring the vitality and beauty of their homes. Indeed, the type of paints applied characterizes a good and beautiful home's appearance. In this regard, hundreds and thousands of people (homeowners) living in Singapore have been visiting various stores selling paints trying to look for the best paint that yields ultimate results. Unfortunately, due to the presence of various paints, which brings a lot of confusion during paint selection, it becomes quite challenging for homeowners to decide on the exact paint-brand they should buy. Nevertheless, if you are concerned with selecting the right paints, then, worry no more as this article unveils good news for you.

What Is The Best Paint To Paint The Exterior Of A House?

What is the best paint to paint the exterior of a house?

Well, to answer the above question, an extensive review and analysis of various available paints in the Singapore market is imminent. Out of the many outstanding paints, two of them top the rankings, and these are Nippon and ICI Dulux. Even though both of these brands are very popular among the Singaporeans, one of them is in the lead as it offers the best painting experience like no other-the ICI Dulux (most people simply refer to it as Dulux).

In this regard, the following are some of the supporting evidence as to why you need to choose Dulux as your friend-paint whenever you are planning to paint the exterior part's) of your home.

ICI Dulux paint is Eco friendly

Are you aware of the good feelings you will get when you use fresh and bright paints to paint your exterior parts of your apartment/home? Well, Dulux paint is one of the best paints currently available in the market that offers an Eco friendly experience for external applications. The above outstanding brand has no more than 50 grams of VOC for every liter of paint. In addition, it is heavy metal free. Indeed, these features make Dulux environmental friendly.

ICI Dulux offers various effects

Are you wondering how you can make your exterior house look very new? If the answer is Yes,’ then, you would require paints that offer various design features and marbling effects. In this case, the gloss Dulux paint has been designed to offer the above amazing and special effects that makes your wall beautiful and wonderful. In addition, with the above paint, you need not to worry about penetration of water and fungus on your wall.

ICI Dulux offer a wide selection of colors

Ideally, everybody in the world has a specific color that is appealing to his/her eyes. Yes, that is exactly what Dulux paints offers to its users. Indeed, the above paint comes with an array of interesting color-shades in a combination that is not usually found in any other brand of paints. Therefore, you just need to make a stopover at any store that sells paints and ask for your favorite color paint.

Quality and texture

As a matter of facts, choosing the right paint for exterior home painting means that, you have to select the paint that is going to offer the right texture and quality to your walls. In this regard, the best option is none other than Dulux paint (the texture of its paints is thick). Indeed, thick paints are highly beneficial in case your exterior wall has another color and it is your wish to use a new different color this time round. Therefore, paints with the right quality and thickness means, you just need a single coat to hide the coat of the previous color.

ICI Dulux paint calculator

Are you smart in doing mathematics? If No,’ then, the good news is here for you! The art of painting requires painters to get the right calculations to avoid shortage or wastage of paints. The good news is that Dulux paints come with a calculator that enables you to know the exact amount of paints you will require to paint a specific area of your exterior wall. Therefore, you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars if you avoid paint wastage by getting the right paint with its own calculator.


From the above analysis, it is clear that ICI Dulux paint offers painting experience that goes beyond and over the bar. To get better painting results with the above paints, it is always advisable to do your painting during summer time since humidity levels is quite lower. Otherwise, no other paint beats Dulux paint in terms of quality and usability. Therefore, consider getting right paints for the right art of painting.
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