Which Colour Is Most Popular For Wall Of HDB Flat?

The majority of people in Singapore live in HDB flats, which is probably the case with you now. Singaporeans have long been living in these dependable, convenient and uncomplicated structures. However, if you are like any of the people living in Singapore today, you surely would have the urge to freshen up your HDB flat too. Many of us naturally have the longing to add a bit of zest in everything we do, every place we go and most especially the spot where we are living in. After all, who would prefer to live in a place that hasn’t been updated in a long time even though it already is in such a sorry state?

Popular Color For Wall

However, one doesn’t even have to wait for his HDB flat to rot. A lot of people feel compelled to renew the look of their flat simply because they want to see something new. Having said that, is there an easier way to renew the look of a flat other than painting it?

Fortunately for you today, when it comes to HDB painting, this article is written to guide you on probably the most basic question you are bound to ask yourself, friends or a professional - which colour is most popular for wall of HDB flat?

The quick answer is the usual color people pick are light colours. White seems to be the favourite of most people who wants to reinvent their HDB flats. If you’re someone who’s looking for a better answer, then read on.

The following are some of the critical factors one should think about to arrive with the colour that they will personally love.

Space – it’s important to keep in mind that the darker the shade of the paint you plan to use, the less space your flat would look like it has. If you ever had a history of being claustrophobic in the past, it’s highly advised that you stick with lighter shades.

Furniture – this might not strike you as something important, but it’s nice if the dominant color of your furniture goes well with the overall color of your HDB flat. Some people like to go for contrast; and it actually is what’s trending lately for the younger generation. While on the other hand, some likes to step a tone or two based from the shade of color their furniture have so it wouldn’t have as much contrast.

Warm colors – a drop of yellow, red or orange here and there wouldn’t hurt especially if you know what you’re doing. These colors adds a lot to the vibrancy of a room, as they are able to keep a room bright.

Lighting – before arriving to which colour you would use, consider the amount of light your flat receives. Remember that if a room were well lit, the color that you choose would tend to stick out more. Therefore, it’s a good idea to examine where the light sources usually are coming from into your flat.

Lastly, if you do not feel confident enough about what is your HDB flat colour will be, contacting a professional relieves many of your worries away.

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