Why Is Mr Painter A Good Painting Company?

When you want to restore vitality and beauty of your office or home with new paint work, you would want to last it for years since it’s something that is not done every year. So what are the things you need to consider as important in order to revitalize your office/home to make it look more beautiful and comfortable while also enhancing its value?

Why Choose Mr Painter As Your Painting Company?

DIY is not the Best Route when it come to Painting!

Unless you have captive workforce, or you yourself are DIY type person who’s passionate about painting, it’s best to hire professionals from a reputable painting company for your project. This will save you large amount of time and money.

DIY painting is also not cost efficient if you’re not knowledgeable on latest paints and painting techniques. Professionals also use large industrial grade machines and tools to get the job done right the first time. You may also end up wasting lot of paint and dripping it unnecessarily or spoiling your furniture or floors without proper clean up tools.

Also, a good painting job may take days or weeks at stretch as you might have to wait for hours between different coats of primer and paint to dry before slathering the new paint coat on. You may save some money by cutting workmanship costs, but you’ll be paying it in another form known as time. In the end, you may find that your DIY paint job looks uneven and splotchy, and you may even have to hire professionals to redo it.
Remember, there might be thousands of tutorials, self-help articles or videos online that may teach you how to do DIY painting, but that does not translate into automatic acquisition of good painting skills.

Professionals Offer the Best Results

Professional painters eat, sleep and even breathe paint every day and can easily tolerate the toxic fumes from the paint better than you. Reputable ones offer their services at reasonable rates so there’s no need for you to waste time to pick-up half-baked painting skills online. Sit back calmly and relax while professionals do no-mess, fuss-free paint job for your new home or commercial establishment! Let professionals handle everything for you.

Irrespective of the kind of project they undertake, good Singapore painting companies choose to work closely with their clients, in minute details, and also discuss their expectations and requirements. They’ll do everything to fulfil the dreams pictured by their clients. They’re also mindful of their schedules and stay committed to work as per schedule and try to complete their painting projects without any overruns. Delays, disruptions, and recovery works are both expensive and detestable, since they translate into wasteful money and time, and that’s not peace of mind at all!

Professional painting companies take are of the entire paint job right from the start to finish without having to break a sweat. They will use proper paint and tools which means you won’t have to worry about which shop you can buy good quality and cheap paints from. They will offer you large selection of paints from which you can easily pick your favourite colours. In fact they will also advice you on which colours will compliment your décor well. Their team is skilful at sanding your walls and also knows how many costs of primer and paint to slather on. They also use proper brushes and spraying machines for painting difficult corners and have requisite cleaning material to ensure your property looks spotless after the paint job is over.

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Why Choose MrPainter As Your Painting Company?

Well, long years of work and satisfying experience has made MrPainter the choice of many in Singapore. Our work appeals to the customers and keeps them happy to stay as repeated customers. Just by word of mouth, we’ve become more reputable and popular.

Here’s why we’re worth considering:

* We provide you transparent cost quote on time and cost without any charge.
* We have a team of highly experienced consultants that use innovative approaches for office/house painting.
* We stay on agreed schedule.
* We also offer decorating advices and professional colouring to help you select the best for your office or home.
* We also use market leading and approved coating supplies.
* We maintain excellent quality control throughout the project and work quality you expected is always adhered to.
* We’re dedicated to good customer service and flexibility.

Instead of wasting time and money in DIY painting project or choosing some novice painter, choose MrPainter because they know their job and guarantee best results on every project they undertake.
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I am very impressed by their efficient service. Rates are affordable and also painters are courteous and well trained. They took 2 days to paint my HDB flat and even ask me if i need touch up. Highly recommended.
Alvin Tan (Tampines)

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We are Specialists in Home Painting Service, Condominium Painting, Landed Painting Service, HDB Painter, Office & Building Painting Service, scaffolding painting & Interior/Exterior Painting Services
We are Specialists in Home Painting Service, Condominium Painting, Landed Painting Service, HDB Painter, Office & Building Painting Service, Scaffolding Painting & Interior/Exterior Painting Services

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Was recommended by my childhood friend who paint their landed property by Mr Painter. They came up to my place and gave me a free on-site quotation. Their workmanship and price are pretty impressive. Very professional company. Keep up the good work.
Dayna Wong (Bishan)
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