6 Best Color To Use For HDB Painting

Picking a color for your HDB can be frustrating especially when you consider the various options available. You may have a color in mind but you are not sure about the shade to choose. It is important to choose a color that works well with your furniture. You should also find a shade that creates a certain mood in each room. The colors can be used on all the walls in the room or only a few depending on your preferences. The rooms can also determine your color choice. Here are some options that can look great in your home.
What is the best color to paint your HDB?

1. Beige
If you are looking for a neutral color for your HDB, beige is a great option. You can use beige in different parts of the house and punctuate with some bold colors. It also looks great when it is combined with other neutral colors. One of the main advantages of this color is its versatility. It also makes a great option if you want an amazing backdrop for art. You can use different beige shades. Some of the shades have a yellow undertone while others are grey toned. Your décor will determine the shade of beige you use to paint your HDB.

2. Pale Green
Pale green paint color is available in a wide range of variations such as sage, pastel, seafoam, and mint. They are a lighter shade of green and they are often associated with country or traditional settings. However, you can use pale green in a modern home. This color looks great especially in the kitchen. You can also use it in your bathroom to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere. Pale green gives you a sense of nature in the room. It is ideal because it does not saturate a room and this allows you to highlight other items in the room. If you have vintage furniture, this is the best color to use as backdrop.

3. Black
Most people overlook black when they are looking for a color to use for HDB painting. This is because it can be overwhelming. However, this is one of the most elegant color options available. It can be used in different parts of the house such as the bedroom. You can combine it with most colors to create contrast. When you use black for your walls, contrast it with some white trim. Black is one of the few colors that give you a sophisticated look especially if it is in an eggshell finish.

4. Sunny Yellow
Yellow is the perfect choice if you are looking for a color that will bring in some energy into your HDB. This color adds some passion and light in a space. It makes you feel like you are out in the sun when you are indoors. If you want some vitality at the end of a busy day, sunny yellow is a great option. It is ideal for the kitchen walls. The kitchen is considered the heart and most active part of the house. Your wall should be stimulating, bright, and cheerful to represent this. Research shows that the human eye tends to notice yellow first. It is the first color you will see when you walk into a room. Paint your walls and trim in sunny yellow to open up up your kitchen.

5. Purple
A dining room should be quiet and this is exactly what you get with purple. This color will look amazing in your HDB. It creates a dark and dramatic ambience, which is great when you are entertaining or simply want a quiet dinner. There are various shades of purple to choose from including dark plum and dusty gray. Dining should be a leisurely affair and this color creates a perfect setting.

6. Dark Brown
If you are looking for a color that will complement most of the finishes and furniture designs in your HDB, dark brown is a great choice. The color forms a good backdrop for showcasing mismatched furniture pieces. Brown is also one of the most dramatic colors available and it is a great choice if you want a room to stand out. It works great in living rooms. You can combine it with some elements, which reflect light to add some style and glamour to the room.
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