How Many Coats Of Paint To Use For HDB Painting?

If you are thinking of painting your HDB house, there are several companies to select from in Singapore. Proper planning is essential when you want to carry out this kind of home improvement project. This includes determining how much paint will be needed for the entire house. You have to determine the number of surfaces you intend to paint. It can be frustrating when you run out of paint halfway through a wall. Getting the right amount of paint also helps to prevent wastage.

How Many Coats Of Paint To Use For My HDB Painting?

Calculating Paint to Buy

There are a few factors that you should consider when calculating the amount of paint for HDB painting. These include:

Wall height

Wall width

Ceiling width

Once you get these measurements, multiply the width and height to determine the square footage of every wall. Add the square footage of each wall and multiply by the number of coats you want to paint. Manufacturers usually indicate the number of square feet each gallon of paint can cover.

Number of Coats

The coats of paint you use on your walls and ceilings depend on the effect you want to achieve. A minimum of two coats is standard but there are times when you need to use more. There are two main factors that determine how many coats of paint to use for HDB painting. You can either re-coat a similar color or change the color.


If you are repainting the exterior of your HDB house, you may only need a single coat of paint. This applies if the exterior is not too weather-beaten or it has been less than 10 years since it was last painted. However, you need to prepare the surface properly if you intend to use a single coat. Two coats of paint will offer better color retention and sheen. The paint will also last longer on the painted exterior surface.

For re-coating interior surfaces you can use one coat if the existing paint does not look worn out. Some HDB houses may have thin paint therefore more than one coat is necessary. If the builders had used low quality paint or the job was done by an inexperienced HDB painting contractor, two or more coats are advisable.

Changing Paint Color

Changing the color of your ceiling or walls is more complex compared to re-coating. This is because you may want a lighter or darker color to replace the existing one. It is easier to cover a lighter color with a darker one using a single coat. However, most professional HDB painting contractors prefer to use two coats. You will need several coats of paint of a light paint to cover a dark one. Buy a cheap primer to use on a dark color to reduce the number of coats. There are certain factors that can influence how much paint you need when changing colors.

Color Shade

The color that you use to paint your HDB house will also determine how many coats of paint to use. Some colors such as pastel yellow and deep red are not suitable if you are changing colors. This is because is possible to see the old paint color through these colors.

Custom Colors

Some people prefer to use custom colors that are mixed by their contractors on the site or at the paint store. Colors that are already mixed when you buy them will cover the previous paint better and reduce the amount of coats needed.

Paint Grade

Cheap paints tend to be a lower grade compared to the more expensive ones. High grade colors have better pigments and this means you will require fewer coats to change your wall or ceiling color. Most manufacturers indicate the hide rating on the paint. This lets you know how well the paint will cover an existing coat. Choose quality paints to reduce the number of coats you will use.

A fresh coat of paint can help to brighten up your HDB house. Painting is an inexpensive way to completely change the way your home looks. However, you need to have the right number of coats to get a perfect shade of the color you select. You can paint over existing coats in the same color or choose a different shade. It may take more coats if you are changing colors but a professional can help you determine the right number. A professional will ensure you get the best results with just the right amount of paint.
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