6 Best Colors To Paint For Restaurant

Interior painting of a restaurant requires proper planning and choosing the right colors. Every detail will matter when it comes to painting a restaurant. The appearance of any restaurant to the public is very important and therefore you should hire a reputable painting company to do it for you. As we all know, colors can unconsciously shape a lot of aspects in our daily lives. Colors influence our attitudes towards our surroundings and they have an overwhelming effect on every individual’s comfort level. Therefore when deciding the color scheme of your restaurant, consider the kind of mood you want your customers to be in when they visit the restaurant. Also think about the kind of food you will be serving and who the customers are likely to come to your restaurant.

It’s important to note that different colors will promote different moods. For examples, red, orange and yellow are stimulating colors, which tend to raise customers’ appetite. They also promote your positive attitude and the outlook of the surroundings. Colors are an important aspect in any interior design. The perception we all make about a restaurant is normally influenced by its colors, be it the size, the mood transmitted or the shape that it draw to our eyes. The tone can either be too harmonious or contrasting, which can make your restaurant either more energetic or relaxing.

Paint For Restaurant

The following are six colors that will positively evoke the mood and feelings of customers:

• Orange:

This is an appetite stimulant color. Orange is warm, vibrant and fun when compared to many other colors. The color is also earthy and autumnal. The lighter shades are said to be loud and energetic while the darker shades are more soothing. Brighter variations of orange color will help to increase energy. Golden orange is seen as more welcoming to restaurant.

• Red:

Ever wondered why many restaurants are painted in hue crimson? This is a more exciting color, which has different meanings. Red will easily stimulate your energy and promote liveliness. This is exactly what you will be looking for when mingling with your friends. Red color can be inviting, warm, passionate, cozy and exciting. It’s definitely an appetite stimulant. It’s believed that by looking at the red color your heart rate will increase bring excitement to the customers. Painting your restaurant red makes the customers feel the surrounding flexible and almost bold.

• Green color:

Green is known to be a soothing, earthy and calm color. It can either be a warming or cooling color depending on where it has been applied. Green will evoke tranquility and composure. It’s also considered as a refreshing color to your eyes and is recommended to be used in restaurants.

• Brown:

It’s a neutral color, which is also good for restaurant. Light brown color is seen as warmer and feminine when compared with darker brown, which is opulent and masculine. Chocolate brown will make you feel snug, cozy and safe. Using a more rich hue the brown cocoa will invoke the sense of togetherness and intimacy.

• Grey:

This is a more flexible color that can work well in a color scheme. Grey is able to class up an area as well as brings the calmness.

• White:

The color represents cleanliness and purity. White color depends on where it has been applied since it can be calming and airy, or dull and drab. The color can also decrease the meals durations because it tends to be more glaring and oppressive.

Paint For Restaurant

Let us now look at the color choices and how they can easily affect the way different customers perceive a restaurant.

• Light colors

These types of colors are mostly used in small restaurants to make them look bigger and inviting. Some of these colors include beige, light gray, ivory and pale yellow, which can evoke a relaxed feeling and encourage your customers to stay longer and have something like a dessert hence spending more.

• Warm colors

Bright green, orange, red and yellow are good examples of the warm colors. These colors are mostly used to create an eye catching focus to various places of your restaurant decor and add dynamic of the restaurant. The points of focus are very helpful in bring the excitement of dining at the restaurant. This creates an easy going and playful atmosphere.

• Dark colors

These colors are known to make large rooms look smaller. These colors are crimson, dark gray, deep blue and dark purple, and are more often used in large areas such banquet halls and dining rooms. The effects of these colors are to reduce impersonal feeling of the large dinning areas and create a more romantic and intimate feeling. Dark colors such as black are used to mask structural eye sores areas like ductwork.

• Cool colors

These colors include burgundy, purple, blue, subtle metallic and dark greens. Cool colors bring the overall elegance in your restaurant. These colors are the best suited for a refined dining-esque decor. These colors can also be used other areas such as accent walls, table covers, awnings and on the table served with charger plates.

• Bright colors

Bright colors are very popular in food service organizations for the purpose of encouraging quick turnovers. Some of these colors include orange, red, yellow and fluorescent in cafeterias, fast food restaurants and other food service establishments.

For those who already have restaurants, it’s easy to give them a makeover even during hard economic times. A new coat will ensure that your restaurant look great and more inviting. A new paint will help you keep your customers and also attract more. To bring out the best color for your restaurant you will be required to create different mixtures and shades of colors. You can opt to use darker, pastels and lighter versions of the colors mentioned above. By so doing, you will be able to come up with a perfect color scheme, which will definitely help to attract more customers. Consult professional painting company to assist you in come up with the color theme you want. Reputable painting contractor will also advice you on the best quality paint to use.

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