7 Colors You Should Never Choose To Paint Your Room

A lot of people believe that selection of color is a very tough thing to handle and if you are choosing the color for your room paint, then things can be even more complicated for all. A wrong selection of shade or color balance in the paint can ruin the attractive views of the room. If you are planning to paint your room and you spend hours to decide between two shades of one color then we can understand your problem. Colors of the wall set the mood of the room and shows the looks of furniture. So choosing a right colour to paint your room should be the first task. here we are sharing some of the most common mistakes that people make during choosing the color to paint their room. Below, we are sharing some suggestions for the color you should never choose to paint the walls.


Flat White:

Indeed, flat white is a color of purity and it look good when you are talking about purity or peace. But if you would choose pure white color in your room, it might not be the best color to paint your room with. The wall of the room in flat white color will look very blank and the furniture and other décor items also not impact with this paint on walls. It’s also well known that white shows the dirt without any efforts and your house or room will look dirtier with it. So using this color on walls should be avoided to paint your room. This could be also very difficult for you to keep it clean without pouring a lot of efforts in it. It also gives you hospital like feeling in the home that is something you are not going to like in your home in any condition.


walls with black paint is the pathetic example of wrong color selection. If you paint the room with black color then it comes with many drawbacks. The dark walled room consumes a lot of light because it fails to reflect the light and the furniture and decor items also hide in black color. It gives you the night like feeling even in the bright sunny day. Also, black is the sign of disappointment and lack of enthusiasm in your life. This will keep your demotivated and you may never have any kind of positivity in your life because of this poor color selection. So, it strongly recommended that you never paint your room with black color, nor you use the color to decorate your room along with other color paint.


Bright Yellow:

it is the very bright color and before painting your wall with bright yellow you should think twice. Bright yellow develops the anxious feeling in the room and person’s mind as well. Yellow walls need the contrast combination of furniture and decor items otherwise this bright color does not allow other things to enhance their view. You should understand that a yellow color will take away the attraction from other things of your room. In your room, you would have different kind of furniture as well and no matter what you, your furniture will never match with yellow color that explain why you should not use this color to paint your room.


the different shades of green like emerald green, olive green, hunter green, mossy green etc. are very natural color. But the wall of the room with these mossy color may make the atmosphere dull. The light or bright both shades are difficult to match with the interior of the room. So you should avoid the green paint for the walls of your room. But if you want to decorate your room then use of some green color is good as long as you use it in a mild manner. If you would overuse the green color to paint your room, then you are going to have only negative output with it.


purple looks very artificial color and if you paint your room with it, then you may get fake feeling with it due to its non natural look. So if you want to use this color then you should prefer this with white or any other light color. Purple can enhance the look of the room with white but use single purple on walls cannot able to work out well. This artificial color makes mood dull and fails to catch the eyes of viewers as well and that is a pretty good reason not to use the purple color to paint your room.

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red is a very intense and bright color. If you choose red paint for the walls of your room, then it can look very harsh and bold on the wall. Bright red color around can also develop the mood very violent. This color can provoke the aggressiveness in the behaviour of the people living in that room. I am sure, you wold not want to have any kind of aggressiveness or bad mood in your life and you can certainly avoid that by not using red color for to paint the room.


it is also considered as a very sad color. Walls with brown paint gives the feel of woods at home. Always being in woods like set up make people upset and the paint will ruin the happy environment of the home. So while choosing colors for the room, you should avoid the brown color. This brown color might affect you in many other ways as well that make it a bad choice to paint your room in any condition.

Also, the blue and florescent colors also make the walls too bright. These bright colors can attract the eye-sights of the visitors but they like that or dislike that it can’t be said. Blue or fluorescent color looks too harsh to eyes and ruin the mood just after entering the room. So we suggest that the selection of the paint for the walls should be done wisely. You can take help from some of your friends or some experts of this field. They can imagine and suggest the best color for the paint of your room. The wisely selected right paint makes the atmosphere cheerful and pleasing and this keeps your mood happy and peaceful as well.

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