9 Myths On HDB Painting

Do you live in a HBD flat? Having it beautifully painted can enhance its appearance remarkably. HBD painting is surrounded with several myths that need to be chucked out of your mind once you want to have a one of this spectacular painting on your house. Here are 9 myths on HDB painting that you will hear around when you want to give your house a glow. 


1. The Procedure is Expensive
Maybe you have heard from different sources that HDB painting on your house will cost you a lot of cash. However that is not true; HDB painting will not cost you much if you hire services from a company with fair rates. If you get the right HDB painting services company it will also assist you in identifying the stores that offer the equipment that you will need at a customer friendly price. Landing on the right company will cost you thorough research from the stores and recommendations from friends that have encountered painting companies with good services.

2. You can Save on Cash by Doing the job YourselfIt is definite that everyone wants to save money when they are doing renovations in the house. With the handbooks given out from the stores you may want to assume that doing the HDB painting job on your own will be an easy job. Yes you can save on money by doing the painting job on yourself but at the end of the day you will need a professional HDB painter to perform the job efficiently without damaging your house.

3. Having an Expectant Mother in a Painted House may Endanger her Life
In the recent past there has been a false belief that if painting occurs in a house where there is an expectant mother she may encounter health complications. This myth would cause pregnant women to be taken away from the house when HDB painting is done. However with the advancement of technology the painting professionals come with odor-free paints that won’t affect the people living in the painted house. Nowadays, an expectant mother can remain in the house while the painters are doing their job as long as it has proper ventilation. To enhance safety you should always ensure that the painting is done using the paint that won’t bring health effects when it is inhaled. 


4. You Don’t Require Primer 
Some people assume that using primer while doing HDB painting is a waste of time but the fact is that the primer is quite necessary for your HDB painting. If you want to obtain the best professional look on your walls primer is a must having during the HDB painting process. It helps the painting to stick properly on the walls to give them a colorful pleasant appearance. Any professional painter who does their job well will not do their painting with the absence of the primer. 

5. You must Apply Double Coating
The number of coats you apply on your wall while doing HDB painting depends entirely on the brand you are using and the kind of painting that you are doing. There has been an old myth that for good painting results the painter has to apply two coats on the wall but that is countered by the advanced technology that has come along with high quality paint brands that will require the painter to do only a single coat to get pleasant results. 

6. Cheap Painting Services Work Efficiently
It is on very rare occasions that you will get cheap painting services that will offer you efficient professional services. Some companies try to keep their rates too low to keep thriving in the competitive market while in turn they compromise on the quality of the HDB painting that they offer. On the contrary companies that charge a higher amount of cash for their services tend to have the high grade paints that give you the desired results. If you want a great HDB painting for your house don’t focus on saving on money but let your priority be getting high class professionals to do a perfect painting job.

7. Hiring Painting Services will not give Satisfying Colour Results 
Everyone wants to have their house painted with their preferred Colour and therefore some people tend to shy off from getting painting services in fear that they won’t meet their personal needs. Nevertheless that is just a common myth that is in the minds of the people that have not used the painting services before. When you get to request for HDB painting services from a company it comes up with painting ideas that match your preferences and tastes. Moreover the company gives exactly what you request for an extra charges only occur when you request for an extra service during the painting process.


8. You Should Keep Away the Household Items
This myth only becomes true if you are doing the HDB painting for yourself. With professional painter services you won’t need to move your household items outside. They keep your items at one side of the house and have them covered to keep them protected from damage or paint splatters. 

9. Paying the HDB Painting Company Before Work will Make them Perform their job Efficiently
This is a wrong myth that could cause you to incur large loses while you have your house painted. When you hire painting services you just need to pay the company some small deposit to get the job started and pay the remaining amount after the job is completed. Paying the painters some little amount when they begin their job will help you rate the quality of services they have and be able to kick them out in case they offer poor services that you didn’t expect. In most cases they will perform a good job when they don’t have the whole amount of cash at hand. 

If you are planning to have HDB painting done on your house walls you need to have the right mindset to have your house painted properly. The myths mentioned above could lead you to making major mistakes when you want to have your house painted. Well now that you know that these misleading myths you can go ahead and have your HDB painting done efficiently. Singapore painting services provide quite impressive services to keep your house looking great.


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