8 Useful Office Painting Hacks

Singapore, because of its temperate environments and central location in South East Asia is the homeland for several companies operating their businesses. In this country, the need for good offices space has been increasing day by day due to the continuous influx of multinationals. Besides, newly built offices the existing one need continuous renovation and painting. Every business in Singapore care about their employees’ offices maintenance and overall décor. An attractive office having shining walls, psychologically soothes the people sitting in as well as visitors coming in. As far as the painting process is concerned, office painting is a relatively tedious job when compared with home.


Therefore, several companies specializing in office painting provide professional services taking into consideration factors like relatively lesser disruption to the people working in nearby offices or the coming visitors. Some companies have mega offices providing agile environments for their employees under a single roof thus needing their painting the completed within the shortest timings. For the painting project of any office either a single office or shared offices, it is appropriate to plan well before initiating the project. Each office has several furniture items, it is good to discuss with the office manager, whether they will remove the furniture or the painting company will be taking care of these items.

Following are few office painting hacks that can help in the overall success of a painting project:

As a painting company be an advisor for office painting

Business offices are mainly rented buildings, however, the company renting an office has the option to modify interior painting and minor renovations. Almost at every occasion, the companies want to have input from the painting companies professionals. It is important people interacting from the company side should have a good grasp over colouring psychology and combinations matrix. There are several psychological aspects associated with colors. For example, white color is recognized as sanitary color mainly used in hospitals, red as full of passions, orange a noticeable one, chocolate brown as modern, and grey is considered as the universal one. A general thought: a company dealing with music industry will be more prominent if the offices are painted with red and orange colors compared with the others one.

Cleaning office floors before paining

Business as well as government offices in Singapore are either carpeted or have tiles. Before starting the painting project, it is essential to clean the office floor. If the office is carpeted one use lint rollers to clean the office before covering with protective sheathing, otherwise for tiled office mopping will work out.


Proper covering of the doors, windows and floors

Whatsoever, painting methodology you are using for an office, it is important to cover doors, windows and floor with proper sealing. Always, use a better quality masking paper as a minor spill can increase the amount of work to complete the project. If the project involves painting the doors and windows also, little attention is needed for such issues.

Getting rid of loose paint and dull glossy areas

The office painting project needs a very careful evaluation of the office walls. There are several strategies to be implemented in preparing office walls for painting. It is based on the overall evaluation process. For example, if any wall has dull glossy areas, use a sandpaper to clean that one and make sure that area has been cleaned well. Have a very good look on the areas to be painted, if you see cracks, use spackling compound to fill in these cracks by using a putty knife. Sometime, if these areas are not filled well, cracks become visible few months after painting a dissatisfaction for the customers. For getting rid of loose paints, followed by filling the edges thus making surfaces smooth.

Time is everything in office painting

Office painting is a quite different project than home painting. It involves a very fast turnaround. People cannot sit and wait for their offices to be painted for long duration. Customers love to have companies capable of completing the job within a limited span of time. Few important time-saving aspects to be considered are using wide rollers and biggest paint pail. An advantage associated with wider rollers is their support on both sides that helps in smoother painting compared with the smaller one as well as saving the time.


Treat each wall of the office as an independent project

It is important to have a look at each and every wall of the office as well as corners. Sometimes, walls have greasy material, if you come across with such situation, it is recommended to use degreaser for removing this material instead of scrapping the wall. Furthermore, in any room, it is good to finish one wall followed by the other one. A haphazard painting is not recommended at all.

Offices exterior painting

Exterior of any office projects the overall image of companies inside. Several office spaces are multi-story complexes in Singapore and their renovations are usually mega projects. We would like to mention one important tip for such project. Besides involving all the protective measures and painting hacks it is essential to remove mildew. The Singapore environments and temperatures support the growth of mildew that basically is a fungus. Though it is not very dangerous to human health, however, its continuous growth put its spores in the air that lead to allergic symptoms in the majority of the people in vicinities. The painting companies, as well as inhabitants of the offices, should be very well aware of this aspect and when starting a painting project, if any sign of mildew, it should be scrapped away efficiently.

Office furniture painting

Companies prefer to get office furniture painted instead of buying new one. Office furniture painting involves a good expertise. It is recommended that if you are painting office furniture also, make sure to avoid messing up with the floors. An ideal way is to put some nails in the legs of office chairs, similarly smaller support hinges for tables, cabinets that will help you in keeping the office floor clean.

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Infographic- How to choose the right painting color for your home and office


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