How to Choose Reliable Painting Contractor in Singapore?

 Instead of worrying about giving your home a new paint job, make your life easy by simply hiring a painting contractor who can do the job for you. Professional painters will know exactly how to mix the right colors to come up with the shade you want, and they know the proper techniques to use to make the paint last long so that it will take quite a sometime before you will ever need a paint job again. To make the entire job worry-free, make sure that you only hire a reliable painting contractor. Here are a few tips that can help you find the right painter in Singapore:

Referrals from Friends

Before hunting down a contractor in the yellow pages, try asking your friends or relatives first if they can recommend someone to you. A good referral means that they were satisfied with that painting contractor before, and you can trust your friend to point you only to the right persons.

Painting Contractor

Legal Business

Once you start considering a painting contractor, ask him to show you his business license, certificate, and insurance. These will ensure that you are dealing with a professional painter, which means that he will likely finish the job, meet deadlines, and do the job correctly. Dealing with inexperienced painters who are running an unregistered business is likely to cause you problems instead of solving your painting needs.

Ask for References

If you only found your painter from an advertisement, it is best to ask him for references on his past jobs, preferably the recent ones that are located within your locality. How the painter performed and provided his services in his previous clients is a good indication of the kind of service you will be getting from him.

Clear and Professionally Done Estimate

Ask for a complete estimate of the project from the painting contractor. This should be very detailed and presented to you in a very legible form. An estimate that seems to be done in a rush shows that not enough attention or planning was given to it. The estimate should include all the materials that will be used, the number of people that will be working on the project, and the schedule by which the project will be finished. If the work will be done in phases, each phase must have a definite schedule as well.

Good and Punctual Communication

Make sure to choose a painter who can communicate well with you. If they fail to return your calls or provide answers to your queries, chances are you will be encountering the same problem once the project starts. You want to be working with a contractor who can give you regular updates and one who will be honest with you should there be any problems along the way.

Ready Portfolio

Professional painters take their jobs seriously and try to win clients in a professional manner. One way to do this is by having a portfolio that shows their different ideas and designs. A portfolio is also a way for them to boast about their skills or craftsmanship. If your painter has a ready portfolio, then you are probably dealing with a reliable one.


Finally, choose a painting contractor who will draft a contract to make your business with each other legal and binding. This will assure you they able to committed to finish the job as discussed, and a contract will also show that they mean serious business.
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