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How Much Does Painting Service Cost in Singapore?

Want to know how much painting service cost in Singapore? Painters are also like artists. They paint the walls of different homes and other buildings in different ways using different types of buildings. The first thing that comes to the mind of anyone while going for hiring some service of a painter is how much does it cost to have the entire home painted by a painter in Singapore.

Let us deal in detail with everything about these Singapore painters. Before going to the details of these painting services, let us see how many different type of paint service available with Singapore painters. Here are some of the most important type of paint service provided by them.

Painting Service Rates

· House painting services which provide service in painting entire home and its walls.

· Condo painting. This is another painting service which is gaining more importance these days even compared to house painting.

· Painting services for landed properties.

· Flat painting services for HDB Flats.

· Commercial Painting Services to paint big commercial and official areas.

· Painting services are also provided for painting interiors of various temples and other old buildings.

There is a website about these singapore paint services and this website provides all details about the cost of singapore paint servicess. Among their HDB painting services, ¾ room HDB service is very famous. Entire painting process takes 1-2 days and it costs roughly around $720-$1380. This is a quite reasonable rate. Time taken for complete painting depends on the size of rooms that you are going to get painted.

There is another 5 room rough quote painting service. This service also takes about 1-2 days to complete and costs around $820-$1580. HDB service is available for a single storied big building at a cost of about $1020-$1680. It takes about 2-4 days to complete the service and that makes it one of the best painting services provided by singapore paint services provider. The same service is available for double storied buildings also and that too lasts for same period, say 2-4 days and costs over $1480-$1980. By observing all these features one can say with confidence that as the size of building increases and more area is being painted, the average cost of painting gets reduced to a great extent.

Condo & Private Property painting Services is yet another group of services provided by singapore paint services providers. These services fix their rates on the basis of area they paint. Here are some important rates that they fix for various rooms with different areas being painted. They include a 1001 square feet rough quote surface and for painting this surface completely, 1-2 days of time is required. It costs about $880-$1250 and that is really very economical.

Along with that, a rough quote surface with an area of 1201-1501 square feet needs 1-3 days for painting completely and it needs about $1220-$1580. If that area is between 1501-1801 square feet, cost is above $ 1550 and it takes about 2-4 days. If this is more than 1801 square feet, it takes 3-5 days and rates are not specified by them. They have also not fixed rates for a private home painting.

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