How To Estimate How Much Paint To Buy When Painting Your Home?

When you think about giving a new look to your home, then a new coat of paint can certainly help you do that in easy ways. But when you start the painting work in your home, then it is essential that you buy enough paint to finish the work with best result. If you will not buy enough paint, then it will unnecessary delay the painting work and sometime you may not get the exact colour as well on your second time purchasing. Also, when you buy paint, then you would prefer not to buy a lot of extra paint as that will rupture the budget for you and remaining paint will become useless for you after the painting work is completed. That is why it is essential that you estimate the right amount of paint while buying it for painting your home.


In case, you want to know how to estimate how much paint to buy when painting your home, then following are few steps that can help you in it in really easy ways.

Add the length of every wall:

In order to estimate the amount of paint that you need in your home, first you need to add the length of each wall in your home. You need to do this very carefully and you shall not miss any area in any situation. For example, if you have a 2bhk flat, then ideally you will have 16 walls that include 4x2 walls in bedroom, 4 walls in hall and 4 walls in kitchen. If you are planning not to paint the kitchen then you can ignore that and you can count the walls accordingly. If your room size is 14 fit by 10 fit, then total wall length of your room will be 48 that will include all four walls in it. You need to calculate the length of all the walls in your home via this method to get better estimation for paint amount.

Multiply the length with height:

Once you calculate the length of the walls, then you need to multiple it with the height of your walls. Generally, all the walls in your height will be same, so if you check the height of one room, then it will be same for all other rooms as well. After you get the height, then you need to multiple the height with total length of your walls. With this result you will be able to have total square foot area of your walls in really easy manner. For example, if total length of your walls for 350 foot and height of your house is 10 foot, then total area would be 3500 square foot. This square foot area will be a deciding factor for the paint estimation so make sure you do it in a wise manner. If you will make mistake tin this calculation then you might not get optimum result with it and you may end up buying less or more paint for it.

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Subtract windows and doors:

After you get the square foot area of your walls, then you need to subtract windows and doors from it to have better result. This will be essential for you as will never paint your windows or doors with wall paint. If you have normal size window and doors in your home, then you can subtract 20 square foot for every door and you can minus 15 square foot for every window. That means if you have 6 doors and 4 windows in your 2bhk home, then you can subtract 180 square foot from total square foot area of wall. That means if you get 3500 square foot area of wall, then you can reduce 180 square foot in it and you will need to do all of the remaining paint estimation for 3320 square foot area only.

Do the calculation:

This is quite an important step then you need to follow to do the estimation of your paint amount for painting of your home. In this calculation, you need to do the calculation separately for smooth walls and textured or rough walls. If you want to have a smooth finish on your wall, then you need to divide the total square foot area by 350. After you get the result, then you will get the amount of paint in gallon for per coat for smooth wall. And if you want to have textured or rough wall then you can do the multiplication by 300 and you will get estimated amount for textured paint. That means if you have get 3320 square foot area and you want to have a smooth surface, then you need to divide the amount by 350 and result will be 9.49 gallon. So, you need to buy at least 9.5 gallon of paint for every coat to get smooth wall. And if you want to have textured paint, then you may need to by 11 gallon of paint for your wall.

Add extra for wastage:

In addition to these calculations, it is also important that you add some extra paint for wastage while estimating the paint for same. You have to understand that while painting your house at least 10% of paint can get wasted because of various mistakes. That means if you will buy the paint with precise estimation then you may end up having shortage of paint in last. So, it is wise idea that you add 10% extra paint in the estimated amount. When you will do it then you will be able to have better outcome with it in easy ways. Also, you will not have to worry about the shortage of paint while doing the painting work in your home.
In addition to this, it is also advised that you choose only a good and reputable brand for same. If you will choose a paint that is not elastic enough, then it will spread less and this estimation might not work well for you. So, you can either choose a good brand that provide enough elasticity in paint or you can check the coverage area of that paint in every gallon and then you can take your decision accordingly.

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