The Ultimate Exterior Painting Tips


The Ultimate Exterior Painting Tips

A quality exterior painting job will increase the life span of the paint and increasing the value of your house. Exterior painting is a huge project job, but the rewards are great too. Many people got the wrong conception of doing it yourself (DIY) and looking for professional painters.

Yes, by DIY, you spend certain amount on tools and paints and save cost many times more than seeking help from professional painters. But saving comes at a price as exterior paint job requires numerous hours of attention and more than perseverance and patience. In addition, you must be physically fit as you will need the strength to set up ladders and at the same time confident to work at high heights once they are in position.
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Whether your house is purchased from a previous owner or newly constructed, painting the exterior is the first step towards completing your home. Before you start any exterior project work, here are some painting tips to guide you through your hard times:

Preparing to start painting exterior painting work

1. Write out the cost for total painting work – There is alot more than just the price of the paint. Painting the exterior of your home is a huge project and it may require several weeks to complete.

2. Ensure that you are physically fit to paint – This may sound like a redundant question but you have to know that you will be climbing up and down and doing a myriad of physical activity each day.

3. Remove all items on the wall such as mailboxes, house number, light fixtures and etc.

4. Cover drop cloths under the areas that require painting.

5. Ensure that your exterior walls are clean by using power wash and etc. – You want to ensure that your surface is clean to work on, if there is a need to scrape, start scraping those peeling paint.

6. Repair those holes or cracks found on the wall.

7. Ensure that you have those tools that you need for painting – Brushes, ladders, drop cloths, sandpaper, scrapers and rollers are just the beginning things you will need.

8. Check weather forecast and refrain from painting during threatening weather as rain can ruin a fresh coat of paint.

9. Paint using brush for trimming, corners and small areas, painting using roller as it can save you time.

10. Hire a reliable handyman if you cannot do the job.

11. Then it is about time to admire your own work.

You may complete exterior painting work yourself after reading several exterior painting tips. But we advise that you seek help from professional painter to complete on your behalf as with theirs years of experience in the painting industry, they will be able to ensure that your exterior painting work go smoothly and leading to your expectation.
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