How Long Should One Paint The Exterior Of His Or Her House?

Painting the external part of your home can enhance its overall appearance and improve its overall value. However, deciding how often you should paint your house can be quite challenging since most homeowners do not take time to look at the external part of their houses. There are many service providers in Singapore specialized in both internal and external painting. Some of the basic ways to keep in mind when it is an ideal to do some painting to the external part in house include the following.

How Long Should One Paint The Exterior Of Their House

Peeling and Cracking

Depending on harsh climatic conditions where you are staying, peeling and cracking may occur more frequently compared to moderate climate areas. This is a clear indication that your home require exterior painting as soon as possible. Peeling and cracking of the paint allows moisture as well as other damaging elements to enter the foundation and wood framing of your house. You are advised to examine your home regularly for these signs.


The nature of building materials used to construct the external part of your house determines how long your home is painted. For instance, wood shingles must be treated and painted within a short period compared to other materials. Homes that are made out of woods such as cedar necessitate repainting after every three to seven years. On the other hand, newer siding materials need paint every ten to fifteen.

If you wish to check the nature of materials used for decorating your home, consult a home inspector. There are many painting companies in Singapore with certified home inspectors. A professional home inspector from any company can easily differentiate cedar products from the new ones, and cement fiberboard siding. In case your house was constructed in the last 5 years, it basically means that it has fresher and improved building materials.


The trim of the house around windows and doors will generally need painting after a couple of years. These parts of the home are more prone to wear and tear compared to others. Therefore, going over minute sections of casings or trim can be achieved quite quickly and effortlessly for 1-and-2-story homes.

Pressure Washing

There are some cases where the external paint might appear a little dull. In such situations, you might just need brightening up using a pressure washer. Pressure washers are ideal ways of brightening up certain materials like fiberboard siding and wood materials. However, care must be taken with the amount of pressure used. If water is left to settle on the construction materials for a long time, it might lead to wood rot and other damages over time.

Exterior painting services are offered to residential homes like landed housing painting, conservation shop houses and condominium buildings. These services are also available to commercial and industrial buildings such as restaurant blocks, office buildings, warehouses, factories, and commercial schools. Painting services include painting exterior walls, doors, windows, roofs, gates, and external pipes.

Exterior painting is very vital to every home owner. With proper selection of painting materials and service provider, you can enhance the external look of your house.
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