How To Paint Your Bedroom?

Painting your bedroom brings about a very big transformation to your home. With the following step by step instructions, we have made it easy for you to paint your bedroom in six easy steps. Along with these steps come tips and advice to guide you along the way.

How To Paint Your Bedroom?

1. Clean the walls

This is required in order to remove the grease spots and dust spots. These can ruin the smooth finish you want and should therefore be removed using water and a mild detergent. You should then rinse the walls with plenty of clean water to remove the soap remains.

2. Tape the window frames, door frames and the trim

This is important for the areas which will not need painting. As a matter of fact, it should be done one week in advance so as to prepare the setting where the paint will be applied. Always remember to remove the tape immediately you have finished painting your bedroom so that you do not peel of the paint. You should also cover the floor to protect it from damage by the dropping paint.

3. Prime the walls

Most people think that walls which have been painted several times do not need to be primed. However, this is not the case as the primer helps to maximize the coverage and glow of the paint. Priming the walls before painting also gives the final coat a much more uniform appearance.

4. Use a brush to apply paint in areas you can't roll

This is necessary for corners of the walls and areas where the roller cannot reach. This helps to apply the paint evenly and uniformly throughout your bedroom. You can also extend the paint out to some distance from windows, doors and moldings. This way, you will not make mistakes when using the roller and paint on the windows themselves.

5. Use the W technique while painting

For there to be efficiency while painting, you may start at the corner of a wall and make a W pattern without lifting the roller. This method of applying the paint is very efficient and ensures that there is a uniform fill in every portion of your wall. The paint roller will pass over every section of the bedroom wall and apply paint evenly. You should make sure that you are done with painting one wall before moving on to the next one to reduce wastage of paint as you go back to unfinished sections leading to a rough finish.

6. Paint the trim

At this point, you are almost done painting your bedroom. However, there is still a bit of refining that needs to be done. When the walls are dry, start painting parts you had taped off at first such as the door frame, window frames and the moldings.
For finishing touches, you can get a professional decorator to do it for you. Electrical covers can be spray painted to change this color. This is only necessary when you have applied a different color scheme from before and you would, like it all to match. So there you have it, how to paint your bedroom in six easy steps.
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