Dulux VS Nippon In Singapore

6 Reasons to Choose Nippon Over Dulux Paint

There are many popular paint brands that are available today. You can find two main brands in Singapore these days. These two popular brands are Nippon and Dulux. Each brand has its benefits and features for all customers. When you want to choose the best paint for your property, you can consider using Nippon. There are some good reasons why you need to select Nippon over Dulux  paint these days. Nippon has some useful benefits for all customers, especially who want to complete their painting projects easily. Here are some good reasons why you need to choose Nippon paint.

1. Many color options

Many painting color options

This is the main reason why you need to select this Nippon paint today. This brand has some recommended color options that you can choose easily. When you plan to have good flexibility, especially when you paint your properties, such as residential, apartment, and also commercial buildings. Nippon is supported by its professional development team members. This company also has some reliable product developers who can create many types of color options that are available today.

2. Affordable price

When you only have small and limited budget for painting your property, you can consider using Nippon paint. This brand has some special products that are created for people with small budget. There are some high quality products that are sold at very reasonable price. Because of this affordable price, many people are interested with this reliable paint brand. Most Nippon paints also have thin surface, so they can be applied on your wall easily. This situation can reduce the overall cost of your painting process.

3. Durable paint

This is another benefit from the Nippon paint. This brand is well-known for its durable and high quality paints. Most products are made from durable materials, so you can rely on their quality. You should be able to use your Nippon paints for long period of time. When you want to improve the overall appearance of your properties, such as condo, apartment, home, office building, and some other areas, you should consider using this Nippon paint today. Most products from Nippon are made from strong materials, so they can be attached to the surface completely.

4. Protect your floor and wall completely

It is recommended that you take care of your floor and wall surface completely. When you want to avoid getting any other serious problems with your floor and wall, you can consider using this Nippon brand. Most products from Nippon are made from strong materials and thick layers. As the result, you can protect your floor and wall completely when you are using any of your favorite Nippon paints today.

5. Free from any dangerous substances

This is another good reason why you need to choose Nippon over Delux paint. Nippon brand is very well-known for its safe products. This brand is famous for its zero volatile organic compound (VOC) in its products. It means that you can eliminate this substance from your daily life easily. Most Nippon products are also free from any dangerous substances and heavy metal ingredients. When you want to choose the best paint that is safe for you and your families, you can consider using Nippon as your favorite brand.

6. Can be found in many stores today

When you want to complete your painting process, you can start your painting progress today. You can find some painting supplies, such as paints brushes, and many other tools on the market easily. Nippon brand is highly available in many retailers today. Some stores don't have a lot of Dulux painting products for their customers. Therefore, you should be able to find any Nippon products from your favorite store easily. Nippon products are widely available in Singapore these days.

They are some good reasons why you have to choose this painting brand today. Nippon can be a perfect option for you who want to improve your property appearance. There are many good benefits from this brand. Nippon Paint is still developing its company, in order to meet everyone's needs and preferences. Many painting consultants, designers, and also other people also recommend the use of Nippon Paint for their own clients. There are many other benefits that you can enjoy from this brand and all available products.


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Infographic- How to choose the right painting color for your home and office


Dulux Paint VS Nippon Paint

Being a Singaporean you are obviously aware how good it feels when you have a bright and freshly painted home. During the bright summer this new color would make your rooms look beautiful. However as a home owner, you might face a great confusion when it comes to choosing the paints. It is very difficult to decide whether you should opt for nippon or dulux as both the brands are popular among the Singaporeans.

Nippon VS Dulux Paint

Nippon vs. Dulux paint:

Dulux is an Eco friendly paint that has gained the green signal from Singaporeans for its range of internal and external applications. This brand has less than 50 grams of VOC per litre of paint. This makes it environmental friendly and a sustainable option. Nippon is equally popular for its zero VOC and it is heavy metal free, as well.

Paint Calculator:

If you have chosen Dulux brand for your residence in Singapore, you will be awed at its user friendly paint calculator. This would let you know how much paint is required for the area of your home so that there is no wastage or shortage of paints. Nippon also has a paint calculator that calculates the need for paint for a single room which helps you decide the requirement for your home.

Create various effects:

Would you like to make your house look totally new? Yes! Then you can opt for wallpaper like design or try the marbling effect which would be possible with the gloss paint of Dulux. It will offer a layered look like a marble and would make the walls look wonderful. Though nippon offers no such special effects, but it has other features, such as it is resistant to fungus and water and washable.

Texture and quality:

When you opt for Dulux paint, you can be assured that the texture of the paint is thick. This is highly beneficial especially if you have another color on the wall and you wish to use a new color this time. The thick quality assures you that with a single coat the walls can easily hide the previous coat of another color. This Eco friendly paint is safe for your home even if you have kids or pets at home. nippon is so thin that there would be no need for your painters to make it thinner to touch up.

Selection of colors:

Dulux comes in an array of shades that are very appealing to your eyes. You can choose interesting shades in unusual combination to give your abode a warm and cozy feeling. Though nippon has an array of colors to choose from, its tints are not impressive as those of Dulux.

Low cost painting:

Dulux is widely used in Singapore for renovation work. So, the cost of the paint is little higher. As the nippon is a bit thin, its price is quite lower.

Thus, if you follow these points, you can surely choose the brand that you like for painting your home in Singapore.
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